Katrina’s start in the tattoo industry came a bit unconventionally. It began from designing memorial tattoos for friends, in loving memory of a classmate who had passed away. Doing these memorial tattoo designs she found herself becoming more and more interested in making a career of tattooing. At the age of 17, despite the critics and naysayers, she opened her first studio.


She worked tirelessly and built a client base and even accepted an award for Youth Entrepreneurship in her inaugural year.She knew if this was something she was going to pursue that she wanted to do everything she could to excel in the industry. This meant expanding her resources here in Sault Ste. Marie and looking at professional development opportunities in Toronto.


Living in Toronto for almost five years allowed for Katrina to train under some of the leading artists in the industry and take specialization courses with experts from the UK.

Katlyn foisy, artist


Born and raised in the GTA, Katlyn started expressing herself through art at a young age.

A diverse artist; with a love for sketching, embroidery, painting, wood burning, and tattooing, She started canvassing her portfolio at the age of 18, and collecting body art of her own.

A decade ago, she rooted in Sault Ste. Marie and attended Sault College for Digital Photography & Imaging, focussing on Alternative portraiture.

In her fourth year tattooing, she has worked in shops such as: Ascension Ink, and Anipeg Tattoo.

Accomplishing crisp line work, and saturated colours, Katlyn enjoys tattooing Traditional styles (with a girly twist), and Blackwork with Flora/Fauna stylings.


Traditional: the oldest, most western styling of tattoos: 2-dimensional, bold black lines, limited but bold colour palette.


Blackwork: Bold black, figurative forms.