Katrina’s start in the tattoo industry came a bit unconventionally. It began from designing memorial tattoos for friends, in loving memory of a classmate who had passed away.


In doing these memorial tattoo designs, she found herself becoming more and more interested in making a career of tattooing. At the age of 17, despite the critics and naysayers, she opened her first studio.


She knew if this was something she was going to pursue that she wanted to do everything she could to excel in the industry.

This meant expanding her resources here in Sault Ste. Marie, after working towards her professional development opportunities in Toronto for 5+ years. She has officially been a tattoo artist for 12 years, is only taking on limited clientele and specializes in portrait work only.

She has also become an international artist in recent years, specializing in oil painting. Her first exhibitions abroad in London, UK and Milan, Italy are taking place in late 2021 and early 2022. Her art website can be found at www.thibodeauart.com.


Katlyn foisy




Born and raised in the GTA, Katlyn started expressing herself through art at a young age.

A diverse artist; with a love for sketching, embroidery, painting, wood burning, and tattooing, She started canvassing her portfolio at the age of 18, and collecting body art of her own.

A decade ago, she rooted in Sault Ste. Marie and attended Sault College for Digital Photography & Imaging, focussing on Alternative portraiture.

In her fourth year tattooing, she has worked in shops such as: Ascension Ink, and Anipeg Tattoo.

Accomplishing crisp line work, and saturated colours, Katlyn enjoys tattooing Traditional styles (with a girly twist), and Blackwork with Flora/Fauna stylings.


Traditional: the oldest, most western styling of tattoos: 2-dimensional, bold black lines, limited but bold colour palette.


Blackwork: Bold black, figurative forms.


riley wilson
studio manager


Riley was born in Sault Ste. Marie and moved back home in recent years after completing her post-secondary education in Toronto. She has a variety of credentials in Multimedia Development and Marketing.


They also have a background in administration and has always loved the tattoo industry, which makes her position as Studio Manager at DTC a dream come true.


Although she is not an artist in the drawing/tattooing sense, Riley is a photographer and videographer outside of their career at DTC and loves to bring these talents to the table at the studio.


They love being able to take care and ‘mom’ our staff, while making sure everything runs as smooth as possible and making sure to create a comforting and safe space for our clients.

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Angela is native to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and has a passion for all things piercing and body modification.


She completed her piercing apprenticeship under Ivona Tymoshenko from Toronto, Ontario and has been piercing solo at our studio for almost 2 years now.


She is also completing a tattoo apprenticeship, and will be offering services in script and small line work tattoos in the near future.


She is a devoted mom to two boys, as well as a very talented musician. Piercing is most definitely Angela’s calling and she is very passionate about her career path.


She offers a variety of different body piercings, so contact us for pricing and appointment availability!




Maddy was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. She has been very artistic from a young age and has a knack for realism art.


She expressed this through art classes during her high school years, as well as being mostly self-taught on her own, and came to the conclusion that she would like to pursue art as her career.


Her aunt suggested the idea of becoming a tattoo artist and she has been hooked ever since.


She has a love for horses, and making great puns. Her hopes in her career as a tattoo artist is to guest spot around the world, and specialize in black and white realism, colour realism and tiny realism tattoos.




Senga was born in Sault Ste. Marie and then grew up in Ottawa for most of her life before relocating back to the Sault in recent years. Her love for tattooing began after she got the first one of her own.


She started obsessing over the tattoo process and following Canadian tattoo artists to gather inspiration.


She has always been creative and artistic, and has found a career to channel these talents into. She has a love of drawing all things fantasy and oddities, as well as funny cartoons and nature-based pieces as well.


She is very interested in overly illustrated styles, with heavy contrast and diving into the ‘ignorant’ style of tattooing.


She will focus on this, black work, and traditional in her tattoo career and plans to find her own unique style as her tattooing timeline progresses.